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Written by
Duncan McCargo and Stephanie Winters
Musical Supervisor: Stephanie Winters
Music Arranged by David Shenton

Duncan McCargo is a professor of political science at Columbia University and the University of Leeds. He is an award-winning writer who has published ten books about Asia. He is currently researching the politics of justice, a topic which resonates with many of the issues raised by the Titanic disaster.

A Lincoln Center veteran, Stephanie Winters is a celebrated cellist and motivational speaker, who combines music with spoken word texts that illuminate universal themes. Her work has taken her around the globe, presenting more than 1500 concerts, seminars and performances, ranging from the intimacy of Saturday Night Live to a crowd of 13,000 at a Malaysian university sports stadium event. Her solo CD Through The Storm captures her signature style of elegance and emotional connection with her audience.

British academic Duncan McCargo became interested in the Titanic in 1984, when he bought a first edition of Logan Marshall's 1912 classic Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters for five dollars in a used bookstore in Amherst, Massachusetts. He was immediately fascinated by the book's heady mixture of tragedy, melodrama, myth and moralizing. As the centenary of the disaster neared, he and American cellist Stephanie Winters approached Lincoln Center with a proposal for a performance based on survivors' accounts, accompanied by some of the music originally played on the doomed liner. Lincoln Center commissioned the project on the spot.

After reviewing thousands of pages of material and dozens of popular tunes from the era, Duncan and Stephanie created a setting of spoken passages and musical selections. Much of the text is adapted from testimony given in the two public inquiries held on the disaster, one by the United States Senate and another by the British Board of Trade. Duncan and Stephanie see the shipwreck and its aftermath as a compelling story of power, wealth, hierarchy, gender, and truth-telling. This production portrays the tales of the Titanic survivors as triumphs of the human spirit and leadership in the face of terrifying adversity.

Titanic Tales Song List

Titanic Tales Overture
Glow Worm by Paul Lincke, 1902
Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, 1890
Vision of Salome by Archibald Joyce, 1909
Liebeslied by Fritz Kreisler, 1910
Alexander's Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin, 1911
I am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General by Gilbert and Sullivan, 1879
Chanson de Matin Op.15, No. 2 by Edward Elgar, 1889-1890
Dream of Autumn by Archibald Joyce, 1908
Nearer My God To Thee by Lowell Mason, 1856

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Opening - Father Frank Browne

Nearer My God To Thee



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