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"Titanic Tales is a thoughtful, masterful production that restores to the public eye, the truthful, personal stories of Titanic survivors and the emotional experience of the most romanticized of all nautical tragedies. It weaves seamlessly the music of the era and the testimony of survivors generating a very personal theatrical experience, leaving audiences riveted throughout and inspiring ongoing discussion afterward." Hillary M. Plate, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.

"Congratulations. Both of you were amazing. It was an absolutely marvelous night. The final instrumental piece had a quality to it – in terms of capturing a moment in time and making it eternal. Thank you." -PS

"How moving, beautiful, well acted and performed. You were both so elegant, relaxed and accomplished!" -DG

"We both were very moved … The music made my heart soar – the arrangement and direction was sublime. When you began playing ‘Nearer My God to Thee’ it was like air – there was this transcendent feeling of spirit." -TM

"What a lovely program – fine music, nice acting, well put together. Can't wait to see what you do next!" -ML

"I found this highly entertaining and fascinating with the combination of the acting, music and overall presentation." -SB

"… the results were wonderful. You both ‘read’ so well, the music was very touching and the effects were very dramatic." -ML

"You and the show were amazing. So moving, and the bringing together of your many talents made the evening shine." -JK

"Congratulations on a great show last night! You really brought the material to life through masterful editing, acting, and musicianship. It truly was ‘Part Play-Part Concert-Part History’ in perfect balance. Here's to your triumph and to taking it to the next level." -EZ

"You took us on a journey and it was so exciting on so many levels. Duncan was brilliant, a natural and impassioned actor. And you with your acting ability, beauty and talent as a cellist was pure heaven." -VB

"Fantastic performance yesterday!" -ZA

>"I just wanted to congratulate you on the performance. It was really well done, and sounded great. The arrangements were terrific, and you and the violinist – who I thought was excellent–worked so well together and had such good intonation and expression… it came across flawlessly." -ME

"Wow, wow, wow… What a marvelous performance tonight was! Thank you so very, very much! I enjoyed it immensely!" -KC

"What a wonderful evening. The audience was captivated and so was I!" -NH

"I am 'blown away' by your work; genius with composure — you are a force to be reckoned with." -PL

"It was profound and moving and heartfelt from you to all of us in your grateful audience." -MF

important, thought provoking evening. The collection of music and stories were perfectly balanced. We were honored to be there." -SW


Titanic History Links

The global community of Titanic scholars and enthusiasts have created some remarkable resources for anyone interested in learning more about the disaster.

A great first port of call is

Another invaluable source is

The testimony presented at the U.S. Senate Hearings and the British Inquiry has been transcribed for on-line viewing and downloading by the Titanic Inquiry Project at<>

Contemporary books about the disaster by authors such Lawrence Beesley and Archibald Gracie are now available as free online downloads.


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